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Show Chart Feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Posted: 28/05/2017 11:15:26 PM by Dynamic Business IT Solutions

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV there is a feature called Show as Chart, usually available on a list page.  This feature has been available from quiet some versions now. The following article explains on how you can work with the feature.

We will consider Customer List as an example.

Open the Customer List page and on the Home tab, click Show as Chart.

And…. you see nothing! Well, read the instructions in the middle of the page and it says “Select measures and dimensions for the chart.

On the page, you have options to Select Measures and to Select Dimensions.

Scenario 1: Show me Balance Due per Customer Chart

In this case I select measure as Balance (LCY) and Dimension as No.:

Scenario 2: Show me Balance Due per Customer Chart – Exclude those customers who do not have any balance due.

In this first I click the Show as List action to go back to my customer list and provide an advanced filter to show only those customers which have balance due.

Now when you click on Show as Chart action to go to the charts again. You will notice that now the chart shows only those customers for which balance is due:

Similarly, you can choose many other combinations to view your data as a chart without any need to make customizations reports.

Actions Supported on Chart

When you right-click on the chart, you will have various options such as to Copy, save it as picture, print, etc. This is very useful, as you can now directly copy and paste it in your presentation or e-mail the report.

Zoom-In feature

If you held down the mouse, highlight a block and release the mouse, you can zoom-in to a block to have better view in selected area in the chart.

Does the Data Match?

When you hover your mouse over a bar chart, it gives you the exact figure for the record, so you can confirm if the chart shown matches the data.

Scenario 3: Advanced Chart

In the above example, we selected one measure and one dimension. But we also have an option to select one more dimension.

Let’s say, we would like to see, we would like to see Overdue Balance per Customer per Salesperson:

So, for example: here we can analyse that the sales person PS (Peter Shadow) has higher balances and JR (Julia Roberts) has comparatively lower balances.

Show the Chart in Role Centre

You can show the chart in your Role Centre as well.

Right-Click on the chart and click Customize. This will open the Generic Chart Customization page.

Here you can play around with various settings. Click Copy Chart action. Specify New Chart ID and New Chart Title fields and click Ok. You will get the following message.

But where has it copied to?

Click Departments/Administration/Application Setup/RoleTailored Client/Generic Charts to open Generic Charts and here you will find your chart saved.

So now you should be able to use that chart in any place you want to put it. Let’s say we would like to put the chart in a fact box beside the Customer List.

So, customize the Customer List page.

Choose FactBoxes, Add Chart Part, Customize Blank Chart and select the chart that you saved.

You can now see the chart besides your Customer List.

You can choose to have different chart types as well. Go ahead and give it a try.