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Dynamic Business IT Solutions provides the resources and tools to help you analyse your business, redesign business processes where necessary, and enable you to take better control of your business processes and realise the full potential to gain that competitive edge.

Rather than change your business to suit your software systems, why not enable your systems to work synchronously and in support of your specific business processes and goals.

Gain simplicity, agility and value through our services offerings.



Manage the change

Due to the rapid amount of change that businesses experience, additionally with the implementation of new information systems and business processes, the risk of a change project's success is increased without effective change management. The core skills required to effectively manage change are mainly interpersonal skills; communication, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, team and team building skills, personal networking and process skills. What is also important is how these skills are utilised to manage the three aspects of change; the individuals, the organisation and the change agent.

It is important to understand how and why an individual will react or respond to change. It is important to understand the impact of how the change initiatives within an organisation are formulated and implemented, considering the environment in which the organisation operates. Also it is vital that the change agent(s) within an organisation or project monitor the change and evaluate which skills are required to implement the change smoothly and effectively.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has assisted many companies with Change Management, and provided strategic advice to assist companies with their own internal change management processes. If you need to discuss the elements of change management and how they may apply to your company's circumstances, or if you require the assistance of a Change Management consultant to work within your next project to build team support/commitment and minimise conflict and resistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.




Do you really know what it takes from all parties to manage a project effectively and achieve all deliverables? Method, communication, expectation & delivery are the four components to successful Project Management. When Dynamic Business IT Solutions manages your project you can be sure that the fulfilment of all these components will be nothing other than exceptional.

Structured approach

The formula for success on every project is a proven and documented approach coupled with effective communication, effective delivery, and accurate management of expectations. Dynamic Business IT Solutions utilises Microsoft's 'Sure Step' and Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 'Rapid Implementation Methodology', enhanced with the documented experience of our senior resources combined over the years, as well as influence from other methods such as PRINCE2 and other internationally recognised methodologies. We utilise our superior communication skills to gauge and manage expectation, and our experience to monitor and manage accurate delivery of solutions.

What to expect from effective project management.

Effective project management will provide:

  1. Faster Implementations with time savings of up to 50%
  2. More reliable projects and outcomes
  3. Lower Risk
  4. Reduced Costs
  5. More efficient use of resources, both internal and external.
  6. Higher project satisfaction
  7. Predictable results


Business Consulting

Dynamic Business IT Solutions provides a range of general business consulting services to our customers. We provide customers with general services such as, but not limited to, Initial Needs Assessment, Feasibility Studies and Reporting, Solutions Evaluation and Systems Design Audits.

Although companies are aware of the need for change, they often do not possess the skills or experience and unbiased focus in-house to conduct a reliable Initial Needs Assessment. Dynamic Business IT Solutions provides the analysis and reporting skills required to help your company uncover what its real needs actually are.

Once an initial needs assessment has been performed a company will need to determine the capital impact of the desired change. The feasibility of the project will be determined by the influences for the project, the benefits of the desired outcomes of the project, and a clear understanding and representation of the costs and risks involved in fulfilling a project. Although an initial needs assessment may uncover the greater need for change, the economic environment and many other factors will influence the feasibility of a project. If you are in doubt of the benefits you should receive by implementing changes or systems, or the likelihood of achieving the expected results, get in contact with Dynamic Business IT Solutions for assistance.

Solutions Evaluation and Systems Design Audits are both separate elements of our business consulting practice but are generally very closely aligned. It is very important to appreciate and determine that a 'suggested' solution is actually the best solution to undertake. At times (most often) other simple solutions are not presented to clients for a range of reasons. Also the architecture or systems design of a solution may often lack the structure, functionality or logic required to deliver on the processes and goals it is to achieve. If you feel that a solution or design presented to you was lacking, over-complicated or may be off-target, please contact us to see if we can help with a second opinion or assessment of your desired project plans.




Documentation for software systems or business processes come in many guises. Dynamic Business IT Solutions produces quality documentation ranging from detailed application or technical documentation (may be required to support system maintenance and super-user training) through to end-user cheat-sheets, we also produce compiled video format tutorials and system-use instructions.

What to expect from effective professional documentation

Depending on the type of documentation, effective documentation should provide:

  1. Minimisation or elimination of the risk of change in solution providers or software developers
  2. Reduced costs associated with information hand-over (technical or application)
  3. Reduced costs in future software developments
  4. Reduced costs of support and issue resolution
  5. Consistent information resources
  6. Lower cost of training
  7. Reliability of information

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has been producing 1st class documentation to clients for many years and we look forward to assisting you with any documentation services or assistance you may require.



Do you need some advice?

Dynamic Business IT Solutions provides a hardware and 3rd party software advisory service which is available to all our customers. Often it is not general knowledge to know which 3rd party software products work well under a given circumstance, or which 3rd party software integrates well with Dynamics Nav. Also people often choose the wrong hardware for a particular application. Dynamic Business IT Solutions has many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV hardware implementations and can provide options that allow your business to be robust and flexible without compromising your data's integrity.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has many times assisted customers in finding the right software solutions for a range of applications, and has also provided the advice needed to ensure that the hardware implemented to support was suitable for the long term requirements.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has also formed partner relationships with some renowned businesses in the area of Managed Services, decreasing the costs and resources required at customer sites for the maintenance and use of hardware, network and other information systems.

For further information on Hardware, 3rd Party Software or Managed Services solutions please contact us.