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The complete retail solution

LS Retail and Dynamic Business IT Solutions have got you fully covered.


Cut your costs and increase efficiencies

Reduce your costs and save time

Implementing LS Nav you gain the advantages of having one fully integrated retail platform, creating true savings on IT costs including software administration, moreover streamlining the way you manage IT by having a simplified solution that benefits your business:

  • Reduce the time on data cleaning for different sources
  • Reduce errrors and inconsistency across your data
  • Increase effeciencies in pricing and stock visability

Grow your business and retain customers

Reduce your costs and save time

LS Nav can transform your sales strategy and benefit your marketing approaches by creating demand generation from new customers and supporting existing customers through:

  • Innovative upsell and cross-sell functionalities
  • Customised loyalty programs enriching the customer experience
  • Tailored promotions for sales campaigns
  • Electronic coupons, gift card and promtional offers managements
Retail Management

Want to know the biggest retail mistakes?

Learn about the most common mistakes businesses make when selecting new systems and learn how to avoid them. Read the LS Retail whitepaper to learn how today.


Grow your margins and secure ongoing sales

Protect and improve your margins

LS Nav will help you to gain control and optimise operations through a number of modules, which will help you:

  • Enhance staff functions and improve customer service
  • Reduce costs on inventory management
  • Secure your business on loss and fraud
  • Decrease the need for markdowns
  • Manage vendor and supplier performance
  • Grow your profits and meet targets
LS Retail

With LS Nav consolidate your business today, grow tomorrow and profit beyond

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Optimize your inventory and replenishment

Protect and improve your margins

By managing your inventory in an optimal way, LS Nav can help you:

  • Free up working capital
  • Lower inventory levels by up to 35%
  • Reduce workload through automation: Replenishment can be done automatically or manually
  • Reduce markdowns
  • Encounter fewer stock-outs
  • Experience faster return on investment

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Your customers want fast register processing, so offer them an agile and error free experience with LS Nav's innovative Point of Sale (POS) system.

The POS terminals are easy to set up and manage, and support the use of both keyboard and touch screen equipment. You can instantly access your transactions and sales events immediately through POS because of the real time data replication system and process. You can deliver your customers with expceptional service that is market leading, the LS POS terminals are configured for multiple currencies, gift cards and loyalty card processing making it the best retail choice for service.


Responsive Design and Online Shopping

Mobile and e-commerce

Make your customers your priority. Today your customer's are online shoppers and digitally savy, you need to put them first.

Through LS Mobile and Ecommerce you can manage customers with tailored offers,  customer loyalty programs, click incentives,  and enticing product information through the omni-channel. Go beyond your customers expectations with personalisation through the ability to order specials, out of stocks and customised products. Transform your online orders through easy, agile and 24/7 processing with the ability to have product delivered to their door or by using the “click & collect” feature.

Drive more footfall and gain regular visitors.

Do you want more customers and increased customer satisfaction?

Gain more footfall and gain regular visitors. Read the LS Retail whitepaper to know how to do it right.



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