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Using the Simplified Job Features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Posted: 6/12/2016 2:52:59 PM by Dynamic Business IT Solutions

Project Manager Role Centre

The Project Manager Role Centre displays important Job information, such as:

  • There are Job-related charts that show relevant Job information
  • There are Jobs assigned to me under My Jobs list
  • There are New cues as a starting point for important Job-related tasks
  • There are Simplified Actions in ribbon

Job Related Charts

The charts in the Project Manager role centre display important Job data such as:

Job Profitability

Job Actual Cost to Budget Cost

Job Actual Price to Budget Price

By clicking on one of the bars, it will open the Job Card. The charts in the Role Centre are displayed based on the Project Manager assigned to the Job. This means that a Project Manager only sees charts for his/her Jobs.

My Jobs List

With My Jobs list you can see the Jobs assigned to you. You can see important information such as the Job No., Status, Bill-to Customer No. etc.

By clicking on the Job no, you can have quick access to the Job Card.

New Cues

Notice the new cues in the start section.

You can use them to create new Jobs, Job Journals and Job Sales Invoices.

Simplified Actions

The ribbon in the Project Manager role center is modified for better and more efficient use.

There is a Job Reports menu with most important Job reports.

You can very easily access Time Sheets.

There is also a new Job Closing menu. Using this menu, you can access Job Calculate WIP, Job Post WIP to G/L and Job WIP reports.

The New Job Wizard

From the Project Manager role center, you can quickly create a new Job from existing one. You can see cost and billing information from the fact box, on the Job list or the Job card. As a project manager you can send your customers a Job Quote report using a word template.

Create a New Job

You can use the new Job cue on the role center page to create a new Job. This will open a wizard.

  • First you need to specify if you want to create a new Job from an existing Job. For example, in this case we want to create a new Job based on existing one.
  • Then you can enter the Description and specify Bill-to Customer No.

  • Then you can specify the Job to copy from. You can also specify the task (from and to) to copy from. In this example we will leave it empty, which means all the tasks will be copied. You also have options to copy quantity and dimensions. When you click Ok and finish the wizard, you will get a message if the Job is successfully copied.

  • You can now Finish the wizard.

  • Dynamics NAV will show you the newly created Job and open the Job card automatically.

Fact Box

On the Jobs List and also on the Job Card there is a new Fact Box called Job Details.

This fact box shows important information such as, Budget Cost, Actual Cost, etc.

For example, if you want to know budgeted items for the Job, simply click on the figure and the system will display all the Job Planning Lines of type Item.

Job Quote

After creating a new Job, you may like to send the customer a quote for the Job. For this use the Preview Job Quote report under the Report tab.

When you run the report, you can view the quote for the selected Job.

For example, you can print it to Microsoft Word.

You can view the Job quote, save this in Word, ODF or Excel formats, and send it to the customer as an e-mail attachment.

Alternatively, you can also use Send Job Quote action under Reports tab to e-Mail the quote directly to the customer

Post a Job from Role Center

From the Project Manager role center you can easily access the Job journal or prepare a Job Sales Invoice.

Job Journal

To access the Job Journal, click on Job Journal cue from the role center. On the Job Journal you can then enter lines, such as usage of resource hours and post the Job Journals.

Job Sales Invoice

To invoice a Job you can use the Create Job Sales Invoice cue from the role center.

You can specify, if you would like to invoice all the Jobs or a specific Job. You can also specify if you would like to invoice based specific task or based on a Planning Date Filter.

Click on OK to create the invoice.

When you go to Sales Invoices, you can see that a sales invoice is created for your Job.

Here you can see that that your Job Services are indeed suggested in the Sales Invoice. If everything looks ok, you can Post the invoice.

Closing the Job

You can close a Job using the new closing process for WIP calculations.

Open the Job card in Edit mode and change the Status under Posting fast tab from Open to Completed.

You will get a warning that the Ending Date is set to your Work Date and next Dynamics NAV will ask if you want to run Job Calculate WIP function.

Once you click Yes, you will get a confirmation if the WIP was successfully calculated and next it will ask whether to preview the posting accounts.

Clicking on Yes will open the Job WIP Entries.

When you close the window, you can run the Job Post WIP to G/L function.

Clicking on Yes, will post WIP to the G/L.

Now the Job is finished and everything has been posted.