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Setting up PayPal Payments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Posted: 30/05/2017 4:46:47 PM by Dynamic Business IT Solutions

Publish and Install Extension

First publish and install the PayPal Payments Standard Extension available in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation package.

Use the Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2017 Development Shell to run the commandlets.

Payment Services

Open the Payment Services and create a New payment service.

Most of the fields are populated with default values. Specify the Account ID and click Always Include on Documents. Finally Enable the payment service.

NOTE: If you have more than one PayPal account, for example with different currencies, you can create multiple payment Services.

Issue an Invoice with PayPal Reference

With the PayPal payment service setup, you can now include embedded reference to PayPal to all your invoices.

In this example, lets create a new sales invoice.

On the invoicing fast tab, you will see the PayPal Payments Standard appearing in the Payment Service field.

Now, Post and Send the Invoice.

The payment link will be available in different places, such as on:

  • Send e-Mail page
  • Outlook (in case you choose to edit the Email in outlook)
  • Attached or Printed PDF report

By clicking on the link, your customer can pay the invoice using PayPal.