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Relationship Management for Dynamics NAV: Segmentation

30/08/2016 12:41:04 PM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions

Segments are subset of contacts, based on certain criteria. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can make subgroups of targeted contacts by making use of the Segmentation functionality. But before we can create such segmentation, we need to check if we have sufficient information and parameters to base our segmentation on!

So, the question is what information can we use to make segments? Well, the good news is that in Dynamics NAV you can use nearly all the contact information to make your segments and some information holders are specifically designed to fulfil this function.

Relationship Management for Dynamics NAV: Contact Management

24/08/2016 11:23:50 AM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions

On the contact card, you can:

  • Find essential information about contact, things like name, address, phone, e-mail, etc. You can also check if this contact is a company or a person.
  • Find more defining information for a company (such as company size, the ownership, sector information, etc.) and for a person (such as role of the person, etc.).


Relationship Management for Dynamics NAV: Overview

23/08/2016 5:16:37 PM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions
What is Relationship Management?
  • Is it the same as CRM? Or
  • Is it the same as Customer Relationship Management?

So, it is an important to first position what is Relationship Management in NAV.


OCR to Improve Data Entry

7/07/2016 12:03:19 PM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions
Typically, in case of purchases, incoming document files represent payment receipts for expenses or small purchases. Many a times these transactions are not recorded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV from the outset. Instead, an external business document comes into your company as an e-mail attachment or a paper copy that you scan to file.

Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015: The Perfect Match.

27/06/2016 3:27:19 PM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions

The benefits of the new Power BI mean that Microsoft Dynamics NAV users worldwide can now leverage their existing technology to get more insight from the data in their NAV application.

In this blog post we will take a look at how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can take advantage of the benefits, and expose data to enable the building of a dashboard like the one shown below.

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