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NAV User Groups and Permissions Provisioning

6/12/2016 1:27:40 PM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions

A User Group specifies a group that you have added permission sets and users to.

Customise Home Page in Dynamics NAV 2016

12/10/2016 2:27:54 PM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can customize your Home page to personalise your user experience. Customizing, or personalising, the home screen is easy to do, making your work in NAV more productive.

Default User Profiles in NAV 2106: Preview

22/09/2016 10:13:52 AM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions

When a user starts the Role Tailored client, that user sees the home page for the Role Centre associated with his or her profile. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a set of default profiles, which each correspond to and link to a Role Centre. Administrators can modify existing profiles or create new ones. For more information, refer to Manage Profiles topic on MSDN.

Understanding NAV ‘Limited Users’

3/06/2016 11:00:35 AM | Dynamic Business IT Solutions
Hi Everyone,
Generally everyone understands what a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Full user is - a user that can do anything you give them permission to do really. They can Create Master Data, Create Documents and Post Transactions, Setup Workflows, Post to the General Ledger etc.

The challenge is that we need to clearly understand how Limited Users (or 'Light Users' to which they are sometimes referred) work and how they are relevant to your organisation, and of course who you can make a "Limited User".

Once you understand this, it makes it very easy for you to plan your users rather than your partner guessing what you want.