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We provide superior Microsoft Dynamics NAV services and support, from experienced advice to professional development, we can help you simplify your day-to-day through building a complete solution for your specific business needs.



Would you like to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV and be sure that it will do what it is supposed to do? Our team members thrive on the challenges of implementing new systems and strategies. We are passionate about our work, and the contribution we make to an effective and efficient solution is one of our driving forces.

In order to implement a system effectively, all phases of a project need to be well executed. Without the correct Project Scoping, Business Analysis and Project Management in place the implementation phase may well suffer. When the implementation takes place Dynamic Business IT Solutions has all the experienced resources needed to make it a success first-time and on-time.

Contact us now to find out how to make the best of your next or current implementation.

Alternatively, please see the following section Microsoft Dynamics NAV Recovery for more details on how Dynamic Business IT Solutions can help you turn an implementation failure into success.



Customise your solution. Allow your system to adapt to your specific business processes. 

One of the feature points of Microsoft Dynamics NAV  is its flexibility and adaptability, and therefore able to be customised with significantly less effort than other enterprise management systems. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has the capability to be perfectly tuned to the specific needs of your business' processes. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you too can have the confidence that the solution will meet your unique business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports RAD (Rapid Application Development) very well, and you too can benefit. 

Why should you use Dynamic Business IT Solutions to work on your next project?

One of Dynamic Business IT Solutions main strengths is our superior ability to create tailored functionality that works very well. Dynamic Business IT Solutions can create additional functionality that is suited to your unique business processes, is user friendly and gives your business the flexibility it needs to grow. Our development methodologies and practices will also ensure costs are minimised and that when it comes time to upgrade, the process will be a pleasure due to the high quality of development standards. (This in turn will reduce the effort and cost related to future upgrades.)

Our technical specialists have many years of experience designing, creating and implementing 1st rate solutions that work the way they should.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions leverages past experience to refine our logical designs with each new project. We know the product very well and understand the intricate relationships within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV architecture. Dynamic Business IT Solutions technical specialists are confident, innovative, creative, and always provide excellent results.

One must always remember that there is often more than one way to design a solution. Usually the simplest solution is the best solution. The current processes and desired result must firstly be analysed to determine that customisation is in fact the appropriate solution. Often it is possible to redefine business processes and minimise effort and costs of the customisations required

Did you know?

Dynamic Business IT Solutions technical staff has provided solutions to other solution centres/resellers technical support issues, including assisting with the resolution of many technical issues in their own in-house software solutions...

Contact us now to benefit from our expertise and create a solution that works best for you. 



Microsoft Dynamics NAV UPGRADE

Often companies do not upgrade their software because the effort seems much greater than the reward. The time involved, the costs and the training required may seem to outweigh the benefit of having the latest version of the software. With the right consultants on the job this will definitely not be the case. With the added functionality and efficiencies you will save money in the long run.

Are you not yet on the current version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and wonder if you really should be?

The elements you may need to consider are;

Q: How easily can it be done?

A: An upgrade will not be complex if your solution provider has the right experience and skills. The time involved to upgrade the application will depend on the level of customisation already in place, the quality of the customisations and the resources doing the job. It also depends on the version you are currently on, and the version to which you wish to upgrade. Sometimes the data may need to be upgraded incrementally if the versions are vastly different, but generally this will not affect the upgrade adversely.

Q: How do we reduce the costs and eliminate the risk?

A: By contracting the right people to do the upgrade. But how can you be sure?

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has performed many upgrades, with 100% success rate. We understand that to make an upgrade successful, attention to detail is as important as knowledge of the product.

Recommended Process;

  1. All customisations have to be identified. No further customisation of the system should take place until the upgrade is complete.
  2. The customisations then need to be 'merged' into the new version - if they are still required.
  3. Simulate the upgrade and test (done by reseller/solution provider). Each version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with an upgrade toolkit to assist in transitioning data as necessary. A test upgrade would be performed followed by testing of the 'merged' customisations and critical functionality.
  4. Train the users in the test system. (This will also act as further base testing).
  5. User Testing.
  6. Backup the live data.
  7. Perform the upgrade steps on the live data and GO-LIVE.

For more information on what you can do to prevent issues during upgrades, click here for further advice.

Over the years Dynamic Business IT Solutions has seen many examples and spoken to many people, where upgrades have required much more effort, time and cost than they should have, and the results were far less than pleasing. In some instances functionality was left out altogether, keys missed and in general performance was sub-standard. In all these cases the poor results were due to either a lack of focus, a lack of attention to detail or inexperience.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has only experienced and focused staff to perform upgrades to ensure you get the best results.

If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to Contact us .

For some further information on preventing upgrade issues, please see this link


Microsoft Dynamics NAV RECOVERY

Unfortunately implementations can go wrong and often do. The same also applies to upgrades and customisations that were not completed correctly, sometimes even at all. This leads to rising costs, increased downtime, poor performance and unsatisfied users. The last thing anyone needs is a fantastic product that doesn't work well.

Are you very happy with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution?

If not then you may need to get in touch with us.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has extensive experience in performing recovery projects and in some cases the solutions to what seemed to be complex issues were in fact quite simple.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions can provide the advice you need, review the issues and identify the causes, and help you resolve the issues with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Whether you need sound advice or professional development, contact us to find out how you can benefit from our support.


Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV TRAINING

Do you need some hands-on training to ease users into the new systems/processes?

In case you didn't already know, if you are up-to-date with your maintenance (Microsoft yearly subscription fee) you can access the latest online training and many other resources for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV through Customer Source.

Quite often a lot of users get the most from hands-on training sessions conducted at work, especially when the training is conducted with insight and business relevant practices. This is often best because users are committed to the time-frame of the few hours in a training environment where interruptions can be avoided. This is insurance that users get the best chance possible to absorb more information. It also ensures that all users in the session receive training on the specified topics to ensure that they don't just skip-over the areas they may think are not relevant at the time.

Dynamic Business IT Solutions has been running all sorts of training sessions and classes for many years. Our confident and intuitive approach to training helps users understand the way Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV works inside. This approach also enables users to appreciate the inter-relationships they develop with other users when interacting within the system.

Our training formats are flexible and are suited to the specific circumstances. Where classroom style training is required we believe that a maximum of four hours training should be held at any one time, to ensure that users are not overwhelmed and to reduce the workload catch-up. We also develop movie-style training for customised Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV implementations which make it much easier for new staff to transition into new roles, which reduces the amount of peer training and hand-holding required saving you time and money.

Some of our trainers worked at Navision Headquarters (before Microsoft purchased Navision) and held courses to teach Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV application and technical consultants around the country. We have the experience and patience to help your users get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.